Encourages relaxation of the body & mind.

Floral notes of rose and fresh lavender stand out among a backdrop of light citrus and hearty earthiness. This yummy blend is ideal for soothing the nerves at any time of the day, whether that be during work or play. 



Passion Flower. Quells circular thoughts & eases pain.

Lemon Balm. Relieves stress & anxiety.
Lavender​. Promotes relaxation.
Milky Oats. Strengthen & nourish the nervous system.

Rose. Supports the heart & lifts the spirit.


2oz approx. 40 servings | 4oz approx. 80 servings

*This blend is sold loose, for the optimal quality, nutrition, and flavor.


  • Brew 1 tablespoon of tea per 8oz (a small cup) of boiling water. For nourishment & effect, make sure to cover your tea cup (with a small plate or lid) or close your tea pot, while your herbal blend steeps for at least 15 min. before consumption.

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