Eases the onset of illness & aids recovery.

Grounding and slightly floral, this balanced blend goes down easy as it dries up the sniffles and cools the body. This blend is the perfect sidekick day and night when colds, coughs, and fevers have you down.



Hyssop.  Supports damp, congested lungs.

Lemon Balm. Lifts spirits & eases tension.
Linden. Fights infection & supports the lungs.
Elder Flower. Encourages healing sweat & restorative sleep.

Calendula. Moves lymphatic congestion.

Yarrow. Eases fever & inflammation.

Sage. Aids sore throats & cough.



2oz approx. 40 servings | 4oz approx. 80 servings

*This blend is sold loose, for the optimal quality, nutrition, and flavor.


  • Brew 1 tablespoon of tea per 8oz (a small cup) of boiling water. For nourishment & effect, make sure to cover your tea cup (with a small plate or lid) or close your tea pot, while your herbal blend steeps for at least 15 min. before consumption.

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