Promotes overall wellness & energy.

This high vitamin and mineral blend is packed with nutrition. The balanced flavors offer a full body brew, without any single herb overpowering the rest. This blend leaves you feeling refreshed and deeply nourished!


Nettle​. Maintains healthy joints & supports the adrenals.

Tulsi. Nourishes the brain & promotes mental clarity.

Red Clover. Detoxifies the body & balances hormones.

Oatstraw​. Builds bones & restores nervous system function.

Alfalfa​. Offers proteins, fiber, chlorophyll, & trace vitamins & minerals
Lemon Balm. Aids healthy digestion.


2oz approx. 40 servings | 4oz approx. 80 servings

*This blend is sold loose, for the optimal quality, nutrition, and flavor.


  • Brew 1 tablespoon of tea per 8oz (a small cup) of boiling water. For nourishment & effect, make sure to cover your tea cup (with a small plate or lid) or close your tea pot, while your herbal blend steeps for at least 15 min. before consumption.

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