Hormonal balance is foundational to all aspects of our health. We believe that our menstrual cycle should be a positive part of our lives, if we can learn to go with our personal flow! The nutrition and hormonal support that our herbal remedies offer can help restore ease + balance to your menstrual cycle.


The Menstrual Balance Kit includes two absolutely delicious herbal tea blends that will support the health of our endocrine + nervous systems, the parts of our body that regulate hormones and how we respond to stress. When these systems are resilient + strong, we are able to find comfort in our monthly cycle.  The tasty Cramp Elixir rounds out your package, helping to quickly ease cramps + tension.


Kit Contents:

  • 4oz NOURISH tea
  • 4oz UNWIND tea
  • 2oz Cramp Elixir


For the greatest benefit, we recommend enjoying 3-4 cups daily of NOURISH tea and UNWIND tea as needed for nervous system soothing. Take 2-4 squirts of your Cramp Elixir every 15 minutes as needed until you have relief from your cramps.


*By purchasing this kit you are receiving a 15% discount on the included items! 

Menstrual Balance Kit


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