Support immunity & restore health.

Spicy warmth and earthy tones will make you feel cozy from nose to toes! And, the immune-supportive power of Chaga & Astragalus will boost immunity in the meantime. This chai-like blend is ideal for the first signs of illness, and for stimulating the immune system while you're in the process of getting well. 



Chaga  ~ Supports immunity & reduces inflammation.

Cinnamon. Systemically relaxes smooth muscle lining.
Astragalus. Modulates the immune system.
Ginger. Warming & reduces nausea.

Cardamom. Supports waste elimination.

Fenugreek. Soothes irritated mucous membranes.

Clove. Warming & gas relieving.


4oz approx. 80 servings

*This blend is sold loose, for the optimal quality, nutrition, and flavor.

HEAL tea

  • Simmer 1 tablespoon of herbs per 8 oz of water, for about 15 minutes. Strain and add high quality local honey, and maybe some milk, for a chai-like experience! Save your herbs and use them up to 3 times.

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