Our GI system is working daily to help us absorb nutrients + rid our body of waste. We think that job deserves some herbal support! A strong digestive system means fewer belly aches, less bloat, and more regular bowel movements. That translates to more energy + a more radiant you!


The Digestive Ease Kit includes two absolutely delicious herbal remedies that will cultivate a strong and healthy digestive system through regular use. These herbal products work together to help you get the digestive support that you need to function at your best!


Kit Contents:

  • 4oz DIGEST tea
  • 2oz Digest Elixir


For the greatest benefit, we recommend enjoying 3-4 cups daily of DIGEST tea and 2-4 squirts of your Digest Elixir before every meal.


*By purchasing this kit you are receiving a 15% discount on the included items! 

Digestive Ease Kit


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