Herbal Musings

Nature and writing are nuzzled closely together in my heart as my first loves. As with plants, there is just something about the honesty and beauty of the written word that captivates me. Notice the moments where time no longer exists, and find every way to spend more time there. That is one of my constant life mantras. When I'm writing time no longer exists - existence is fluid. And when I am blending herbs, or sitting with them as they appear wildly in my yard, a door into eternity opens in my heart...

From this place I seek to write about my experiences with herbs, to share with you my journey of learning and growing. For me, writing and herbs just must go together! I hope that this sharing inspires you, to learn or try something new, or to find "doors" within yourself.

So, expect from this blog a flowery blend of herbal philosophies, discoveries, recipes, adventures, suggestions, and more! And should you have suggestions or questions, please share :)


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