Our Story

​What's better than feeling well? And what's more important? Bilo Herbs believes that wellness should be enjoyable and easy. And we understand that when it comes to health, Mother Nature knows best!

In Fiji, where Bilo Herbs was born, there is always time for "dua na bilo"... just a cup of tea. There, during Peace Corps service, Bilo-creator Carissa learned a deep respect for herbal medicine and the importance of patiently nurturing health & relationships. It all often starts with a bilo of tea! Tea is an age-old tradition of nourishment, one that unfailingly feeds the mind, body, & soul, no matter where you are.

​Bilo Herbs was founded on the basic concept that there is always time for a dose of nourishment in each day. And what is better or easier than tea? You have time for a cup!

Following return from Peace Corps service in Fiji, Bilo-creator Carissa dove into herbal studies and exploration. Operating from her home base of Westport, MA, Carissa seeks to connect people to their selves, their community, and mother nature, through quality herbal products and accessible education.

While nourishing herbal teas are our foundation, Bilo also thoughtfully crafts tinctures & salves.  All of our products are made with the  the highest quality, chemical-free plants.

All Bilo Herbs products are created with ultimate respect and reverence for nature and tradition.
We are dedicated to supporting the local economy, social justice, 

and each person's unique journey towards health.

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