Herbs offer your body the support it needs to come back into balance & wholeness. 

Achieving lasting health requires an understanding of your unique health needs. An herbal consultation provides holistic guidance based on the principles of Western Herbalism. The consultation will identify body systems most in need of support, within the integrated whole of your body. From there, we identify how herbs can help support your health.  

Central to a Bilo herbal consultation is empowerment. A consultation is an opportunity to work in partnership towards cultivating long-term wellness. Rather than forcing your body into "function", herbs gently support the healing that your body innately seeks. Herbal education & support puts nature's tools in your hands.


So, how does an herbal consultation work?

(1) We meet to discuss your unique health needs, using an intake form, which guides us through your health history & goals.

(2) A detailed "protocol" is developed, which includes personal herbal preparations (such as teas & tinctures) as well as nutritional guidance & lifestyle recommendations.

(3) Your herbalist will follow up regularly, tracking your progress and altering your protocol as needed.

*Herbal consultation fees are on a sliding scale based on income. The cost is $40-100 for an Initial Appointment, and follow-up appointments are $30-50. Paying what you can honestly afford supports equitable community access to this service. If our fees seem out of reach for you, please contact us - we want this service to be accessible!

*We also welcome trades for those who are abundant in forms of capital other than financial. Contact us for more info.

Bilo Herbs consultations support your quest to nourish and balance your body & mind. Consultations are as much for healing as they are for long-term vitality. So, whether you are looking to add new healthy habits to your daily routine, or seeking to heal symptoms of imbalance, let's work on it together

~~~ Bilo Herbs welcomes & supports all people, of all identities & backgrounds ~~~

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